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Artech365 will be very happy to co-oprated with you!

We have many OEM experiences with more than one PMP or mobile phone manufactures. We wish co-operate with hardware providers of, say, PMP, Mobile phone, MP4 and video capture card.
So far, Artech365 has built ties with more than one global hand-held device providers, including Rifa, Neosol Tech, Elentec and Sim. For reference of OEM cases, click here.
We can develop for you the special versions based on our products---WinADR, MPEG4 Drirect Maker, WinVDR PRO or DV MPEG4 Maker. In the special version your LOGO and contact can be kept. You are entitled to distribute it with unlimited licenses during a period. All the after-sale service will be provided by us.
Please donot hesitate to contact us.
Our MSN Messenger:artech365@hotmail.com


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