DV MPEG4 Maker Real Time mpeg4/divx/avi/wmv/mpg(vcd)/mp4(quicktime) Video Converter/Recorder,Capture from digital camcorder(1394 interface)

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DV MPEG4 Maker Features:
  • Capture from your digital camcorder(1394 interface) in realtime.
  • Directly record to mpeg4/divx/avi/wmv/mpg/dvd/mp4/mov/psp/3gp(quicktime) file format
  • Fast!
  • Audio/video player.
  • Customize divx/avi/wmv/mpg/mp4/mov/psp/3gp format.
  • Automatically generate the destination file name according to your system time.
  • Long-Time Recorder(limited by your harddisk)
  • Pause Function.

 Available versions:

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DV MPEG4 Maker mpeg4/divx/avi/wmv/mpg/dvd/mp4/mov/psp(quicktime) Video Converter/Recorder 2.6M $39

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DV MPEG4 Maker

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