WinVDR real time divx/avi/wmv/mpg/mp4/3gp VCR,Request TV tuner/bt878 card VFW/WDM driver,Video capture recorder compatible with win98/win2000/winxp,Optimized by MMX/SSE assemble code,Useful mixer & playlist included.
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WinVDR(divx/wmv/mpg/mp4 vcr) supports:
  • Real-Time Video Capturing Recorder,Directly Record to Divx/AVI/WMV/MPG(VCD/DVD)/MP4/MOV/3GP(Quicktime) Video Format .
  • Use cubic filter for every frame of video stream,video quality highly improved.
  • Use MMX/SSE assemble code in kernel arithmetic,capturing speed highly improved.By testing,WinVDR can capture MPEG4 A/V stream (384*288*25 FPS PAL) in real-time on a Pentium 550 CPU.
  • Use MPEG4 scheme.One CD can hold 180 minutes video clip with VHS quality.
  • WinVDR bypass Microsoft's AVI I/O API,capturing speed get more improved.
  • WinVDR use dynamic A/V synchronization technology to avoid Audio/Video asynchronism. Longtime video capturing cannot broken the A/V synchronization.
  • Audio Time can be adjusted relative to Video Time.
  • Automatically prevent sec saver,power manager from running when capturing.
  • Automatically generate divx/avi/wmv/mpg/mp4/3gp file name according to your system time.
  • Simple and Useful Playlist & Mixer Included.
  • Longtime Recorder(limited by your hard disk)
  • Pause Function.
  • Audio Level Monitor.
  • Simple Scheduler

 Available versions:

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2.6M $39.00
WinVDR AVI AVI Capture Only 1.5M $29.00
WinVDR WMV WMV Capture Only 0.9M $29.00

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winvdr(divx/wmv vcr)

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