MPEG4 Direct Maker Convert DVD/VCD/MPEG/AVI/WMV/ASF/MOV/MP4/QuickTime/RM/RMVB/RealVideo to divx/wmv/avi/mpg/vcd/dvd/mp4/mov/3gp/psp/mp3/H.264/avc/ipod
Get VHS quality Video Clip in 400KBPS!Get DVD quality Video Clip in 800KBPS!Also a DVD Player!

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MPEG4 Direct Maker Features:
  • Directly convert VCD,DVD,QuickTime,AVI,WMV,MPEG,ASF,RM,RMVB,RealVideo to divx/xvid/wmv/avi/mpg/vcd/dvd/mp4/mov/3gp/psp/mp3/h.264/avc file.
  • PSP/iPod formats are supported.
  • DVD player!
  • Audio/video player.
  • Simple and useful playlist.
  • Automatically convert multiple files.
  • Customize avi/wmv/mpeg/mp4/h.264 format.
  • Automatically generate the destination file name according to your system time.

 Available versions:

Version Name




MPEG4 Direct Maker VCD/DVD/QT/AVI/ASF/RM Converter and more... 5.5M $49.95
MPEG4 Direct Maker VCD VCD Converter and more... 1.6M $29.00
AVI Direct Maker Convert multiple file to AVI 3.8M $29.95
MP3 Direct Maker Convert multiple file to MP3 2.9M $19.95
MP4/3GP Direct Maker Convert multiple file to MP4/3GP 2.9M $29.95
VCD/DVD Direct Maker Convert multiple file to MPG/VCD/DVD 2.9M $29.95
WMV Direct Maker Convert multiple file to WMV 2.9M $29.95
XVID Direct Maker Convert multiple file to XVID   2.9M $29.95

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MPEG4 Direct Maker

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