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About Artech365 Inc.





Artech365 is an acclaimed producer of award winning imaging and multimedia-related software. Artech365 focuses on integrating hardware and software. Artech365 is well known for its advanced technology, innovative design, and diverse product lines.

Marketing Approach

Through developing state-of-the-art technology, Artech365's business philosophy is one of internationalization. Artech365's software can be found in retails outlets and OEM bundled with internationally recognized brands. Artech365's market covers North and South America ,Asia and Europe.

Advantages to Customers

Artech365 possesses key technology and expertise to develop multimedia software for Windows and handheld platforms. Artech365 develops its own advanced products and satisfies its customer needs with solution-oriented programs. Artech365 offers a diversified service and comprehensive product lines to meet the demands of its customers. It is also able to develop customized software for customers should they require it.


Artech365 develops versatile easy-to-use products in the field of mutimedia, including audio encoder/conveter, video converter/transcoder and real-time video capturing system. Artech365's goal for the future is to have the software products more convenient, more powerfulll and more robust.

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