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How To Select Audio Format


Hi I have just bought WinADR and registered it, However I am having difficulty running it on a 166MHz MMX PC using Windows95. I have 32Mb Ram, an Intel processor and a Tahiti sound card. Your spec says it should work OK, but it records the first couple of seconds fine, then becomes jerky and speeds up, missing bits of the recording. When I play back the file using WinAmp, it is the same, so the recording is at fault. Is there any setting I need to adjust on my system which will correct this. It seems that the PC cannot keep up with the requirements of the software. I have tried it on my other machine which is a 550MHz Pentium III and it works really well.

Because real-time compression of audio will consume lots of resources of CPU,For such a PC(166MHz MMX ),only part of audio format can work.

For example: 56kbps 44100Hz mono. 64kbps 22050Hz stereo etc.

BTW the WMA format recording may need less resource of CPU,you can try it.

You can try other audio formats.

If you want to record to PCM WAV format,please select 16bit subformats,because it have higher quality than 8bit

Select suitable MP3 subformat


I am now able to record the downstream. However, if I am recording direct to an MP3 (one full hour), it seems to add up to 58 MBs. Is that about right for a one MP3?

If you select 44100Hz,128KBPS,STEREO MP3 subformat,the file length of 1 hour will be 60*60*128000/8 = 57,600,000 = 58MB.This is default MP3 subformat (CD quality audio,stereo)

If you select 22050Hz,64 KBPS,STEREO MP3 subformat,the file length of 1 hour will be 60*60*64000/8 = 28,800,000 = 29MB.This is Near FM quality audio,stereo

If you select 441000Hz,48 KBPS,MONO MP3 subformat,the file length of 1 hour will be 60*60*48000/8 = 21,600,000 = 22MB.This is CD quality audio,mono

Generally speaking,If your audio source is CD quality stereo,you'd better select 44100Hz,128KBPS,STEREO / 44100Hz,112KBPS,STEREO.If your audio source is CD quality mono,you'd better select 44100Hz,64KBPS,MONO / 44100Hz,56KBPS,MONO.If your audio source is AM/FM quality,you may make other chooses.




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