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There is ZERO sound recorded. I choose every setting combinations in the option, audio can come out when choose /option/setup crossbar/input 3:Audio Tuner In & output 1: Audio Decoder out, but sound can not be recorded!!!

WinVDR capture audio from your sound card instead of video card,please make sure you connect audio source to LineIn/MIC Jack in sound card.

If you are using TV Tuner Card,to enable audio capturing,Please try:

0 Bridge your Audio Out in TV Tuner card to Line-In via audio cable
1 Goto Option, Setup Audio/Video Source
2 Dropdown the Output listbox, select Audio Decoder
3 Select every item in the ListBox to Test
4 Click OK

I can record with Video Size/Format set at 320x240x25 without jerking but at 384x288x25(Pal) the picture starts jerking?

This is natural! when you enable cubic filter and DONOT enable show real size in setup video size/format!!
BUT the video recorded is not jerking!!

We recommend you enable show real size in any time ,It 's faster.

Or you can disable cubic filter.

What's means Cubic Filter?

When using cubic filter,the height of video source is doubled.(so you cannot use cubic filter in full size(640X480,768X587)) Then via cubic filter,the height is changed to half of source.In this process,the image quality is improved,and the byproduct is the image is de-interlaced automatically.

Window can not be resized, except to full window, but the video is distorted. The face is too long, the ratio of length to width is not 4:3.

That the video is distorted is because you enable Cubic filter.With cubic filter the video source height is doubled(so the image recorded quality improved)

Windows Media v8 can not be used, it says, please install windows media player 8. (It's ridicules since I use it in windows xp and WMP 8
has installed already when I install windows XP)?

Please download WMV runtime library(3.8M) from

or install the latest version of Windows Media Player from microsoft. WMP within Windows XP doesn't include some DLLs.

How To Make a Loop Recording?How does Mixer work?

Click here for detail information

How to capture video in full-size(640x480,768X576,etc)?

If you have a powerful CPU(PIII 1G or higher),you can capture video in FULL SIZE in real time!

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