DV MPEG4 Maker Real Time mpeg4/divx/avi/wmv/mpg(vcd)/mp4(quicktime) Video Converter/Recorder,Capture from digital camcorder(1394 interface)

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What's New in DV MPEG4 Maker 2.2.0

DV MPEG4 Maker 2.5.0
  • Mov supported.
  • Dvd profiles added,including NTSC/PAL.
  • DVD Converter speed up greatly.
  • XVID+MP3 inner codec supported.
  • PSP format supported.
  • More mp4/XVID advanced options supported

DV MPEG4 Maker 2.2.0
  • SVCD supported
DV MPEG4 Maker 2.0.0
  • MPG(VCD) format added.
  • MP4(Quicktime) format added.
  • 352x288(crop) mode supported.
  • Performance improved and dropped frame decreased.
DV MPEG4 Maker 1.0

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