VITA2 Stream Live Player


Vita2 Stream Live Player is a M3U player to help watch Live TV or IPTV from your ISP. Vita2 automatically validates playlist and supports nested playlist. Note: app doesn’t provide any playlist.

Many broadband service provider/ISP provide the clients with the add-on of free IPTV channels in the format of HLS. Vita2 Stream Live Player helps you watch Live TV or IPTV from you ISP smoothly. You can consult with your ISP for the playlist (.m3u) file. Alternatively you can use your own Live TV sources to feed Vita2 Stream

Vita2 Stream only need one or more M3U playlist file. Usually, you can ask your ISP for the playlist for you Broadband Service.

Key features

You wouldn’t be frustrated when trying Vita2 Stream to play HLS/m3u playlist, if you had failed to play them due to unstable network connection.

  • Work with unstable connection.

Some key tech schemes are utilised to enable Vita2 Stream to work with unstable internet connection. Also for the better performance, Vita2 uses multi-threads to download HLS segments.

  • Automatically Validation

Vita2 automatically validates streams/urls within the playlist. You will always be shown a playable list even your ISP updates the channel list from time to time. Moreover, Vita2 will rank the streams/channels according to bandwidth RQD, downloading speed and video quality, etc.

  • Vita2 supports nested playlist.

YES, since some ISP provide the clients with nested playlist, the feature make playing hassle-free.

  • Auto group streams/channels.

Vita2 can group the streams/channels according to some predefined tags, e.g. favourite, or tags found in the playlist.

Making your own Playlist(.m3u)

What is m3u

M3u by one example

Vita2 Stream supports M3U playlist format. Additionally to standard M3U file format it supports extended M3U playlists with custom attributes.

Here is an example of extended M3U playlist:

EXTINF:-1 tvg-logo="" group-title="GroupA",Channel A
EXTINF:-1 tvg-logo="" group-title="GroupB,GourpC",Channel B
EXTINF:-1 tvg-logo="" group-title="GroupC",Channel C
EXTINF:-1 ,Nested List A
  • url-tvg – URL for EPG in JTV (zip) or XMLTV (xml, gz) format. Several URLs may be specified separated by comma
  • group-title – Title for channels group
  • tvg-logo – Channel logo name (from internal database) or URL to the image that will be used as channel logo
  • tvg-name – Name of the channel from EPG, should be equal to the value of “display-name” tag in XMLTV
  • tvg-id – XMLTV channel id. When both tvg-id and tvg-name are specified for the same channel, tvg-id will be used.
  • tvg-shift – Shift in hours for EPG

Within the above attributes, group-title is the most important one.

Nested m3u

EXTINF:-1 group-title="Weather" ,Nested List A
EXTINF:-1 group-title="Shop" ,Nested List B

Finding Existing Playlist

  • Google it, possible keywords are: m3u hls playlist iptv
  • Find it in


  • HLS Streams of VOD type are currently unsupported.
  • This app does not provide any list of channels. Please ask your ISP for the specified playlists.
  • This app only work with free channels provided by your ISP. It cannot be used to play any paid channels.
  • Also Vita2 Stream does not store or share your playlists. All the playlists which you input only store in your devices or your iCloud space.